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Builders among the worst workplace philanderers

About 85% of affairs start in the workplace

That most reliable of data sources – an online gambling website called Rant Casino – has conducted an in-depth study to find out which occupations are most likely to lead to a bit of surreptitious legover with a workmate.

According to Rant Casino, around 85% of extra-marital affairs begin in the workplace and one in five employees confess to having been unfaithful with a colleague.

The ‘experts’ at Rant surveyed no fewer than 3,800 individual across the UK to find out which industries are the “hotbeds for workplace affairs”.

Right at the top are people working in sales, with 14.5% of those questioned admitting to workplace infidelity. This immediately raises the question: in which industry? Sales, after all, is an occupation common across all industries.

Below this, however, the categories are more industry-focused. Second, with 13.7% admitting to a bit of extra-curricular hanky-panky, is education & training. Third is healthcare (12.5%) followed by transport & logistics (9.8%), hospitality & events management (7.7%) and engineering & manufacturing (6.6%).

Property & construction comes in at number seven, with 5.5% of respondents admitting to a quick fumble behind the portakabins.

The most faithful – or frigid – employees, according to Rant Casino, work in business, consulting & management and science & pharmaceuticals where only 0.1% of respondents confessed to a workplace indiscretion.

The survey results were collected on 13th October 2023. And while Rant Casino does not explain how it contacted its sample, its data reveals that respondents were contacted in 20 cities from Glasgow to Southampton. Their ages ranged from 18 to 61+; about 53% were women and 45% men. About 35% of respondents were based in London and the largest single age-group (34.2%) were aged 41-60.

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Customer Reviews

Dan Morten 18/01/22

Easy to work with, Jordan and the team were professional and were easy to communicate with.
Would highly recommend.

Di Hayes 20/08/22

NuGen Properties built an extension to the rear of my property, replacing the old conservatory. I am so pleased I chose this company. From the initial quotation, through the build and after they were professional, polite & well mannered. They kept the site tidy throughout the build and kept me informed of each stage as it happened. The work was finished to a good standard and I have had nothing but compliments on their work. I am already planning for them to come back and do some more work for me in a few months. I would 100% recommend them.

Bradley Eyles 20/06/23

Nugen were fantastic throughout the works they carried out on my property, Jordan provided constant updates and ensure any questions I had were always answered. All works were completed in a timely fashion, on budget and exceptional customer service. Highly recommend!

Sonny Carter-heyward 29/02/22

Brilliant service, renovated my house to make a dream a reality. Thanks guys

sitemanager 22/01/23

Great firm to communicate with fast and good quality work.