Graham commits to Young Person’s Guarantee

Graham has signed up to the Young Person’s Guarantee, which aims to connect everyone in the age range to an opportunity

The Young Person’s Guarantee bring together employers, partners and young people. It aims to connect everyone in Scotland in the age range to an opportunity.

Graham will work alongside Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) Edinburgh, Midlothian & East Lothian; DYW Glasgow; DYW Fife; and DYW North East. It will be providing valuable opportunities for young people through routes such as trainee schemes, graduate employment, apprenticeships and funding and support for further education.

Graham social impact advisor Suzanne Stevenson said: “There are a number of young people across Scotland who face a variety of obstacles preventing them from finding their careers and living up to their fullest potential.

“At Graham we look to provide as many opportunities as possible to young people, through our apprenticeships, trainee schemes and graduate opportunities, and we also provide funding and day release for further education.

“Graham is a member of the “5% Club”, an organisation consisting of companies committed to ensuring 5% of their workforce over the next five years is comprised of young people on structured learning schemes.

“Within our own Building North region, we currently have 13% of our workforce made up of young people.”

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