Pop singer gets water industry prize

Future Water chief executive Paul Horton (right) gives Låpsley her prize

Future Water (formerly the Society of British Water & Wastewater Industries) has given its annual prize to singer-songwriter Låpsley.

Låpsley’s electro-ambient second album, released in 2020, is called Through Water and includes tracks called Leeds Liverpool Canal and My Love Was Like The Rain

Future Water said that its prize was for “achievement, across a career or for changing the way we think. Critical to meeting the challenges we face is how we communicate, to each other and to those who are not in our sector”.

It added: “When many of the issues we face can seem overwhelming, or insurmountable, art can help us not just communicate differently but also see things differently.”

Future Water chief executive Paul Horton said: “It is with great pleasure that the Future Water award goes to Låpsley for the album Through Water –  it brings climate change and music together with its title songs and helps take a new look at the environment around us with Leeds Liverpool Canal. What we need to do now is work with artists to help us all to listen.”

On collecting her award Låpsley (real name Holly Lapsley Fletcher, from York) said: “The majority of impacts from climate change will be felt through water. I believe that music and the arts are crucial platforms to express the complexity of emotions created by the world’s water issues, as well as a place for activism and education. Thank you for recognising my work in furthering that communication.”

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