Rebar estimating tool looks to cut costs

ADDA Estimate provides estimations that can be adjusted for different standards, creating the first end-to-end integrated rebar estimation, detailing and analytics suite in the market it is claimed.

ADDA is an Australian company that has offices in the UK, USA and India. Its software has been used on the construction of Hinkley Point C nuclear power station in Somerset. ADDA Construct, an AutoCAD plug-in, was used to build a 3D model to assess buildability. This included combining 900 reinforcement drawings into a 3D model.

ADDA founder and chief technology officer Alan Jeffreys said that ADDA Estimate filled a need in the market to get more accurate information earlier.

“Particularly useful at the early stages of a project, ADDA Estimate is quick and simple for anyone in the team to use, giving the project better insight early on around rebar needs, and creating data rich information that can then be fed into subsequent ADDA 2D and 3D modelling.

“Estimate enables us to take any concrete profile and quickly put reinforcement against it, providing diameter and weight to give more accurate estimates. In addition, and uniquely, users can feed this directly into ADDA Construct, streamlining the 3D detailing workflow.”

He continued: “All projects are looking to refine costs and reduce waste, and if you can do that more accurately at the estimate and tender stage, you have better clarity around the projects right from the start.”

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