Support for Amey’s women

The intention is to offer free products at more than 150 offices and depots for it 4,000 female employees around the UK.

Furthermore, Amey has found a supplier whose products are biodegradable and plastic free – it even plants trees.

Emily Davies, Amey’s director of social impact, said: “Anyone who needs period products whilst at work should be able to obtain them without barriers, without embarrassment and for free – a simple step we’re taking at Amey to create workplaces that support women. We’re especially excited to be partnering with Grace & Green who are putting sustainability front and centre of their ethics and products.”

Grace & Green founder Frances Lucraft said: “As people become more conscious of the plastic waste they create, many of us are looking at the effects our period products can have on the environment. By a big company like Amey providing plastic-free products to their employees, it sends a clear message that other companies should do the same. Together we can have periods that are better for us, and better for the environment.”

Grace & Green has promised to plant a tree for every order Amey places.

Last year, Amey signed up to Peppy, a digital health app that provides specialist health advice on menopause issues

“Supporting women empowers female colleagues to fully achieve their ambitions, whilst creating a diverse, gender balanced culture that benefits everyone,” Amey said.

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