TBM Annie breaks through for Tideway

Breaking through

TBM Annie broke into the shaft at Tideway’s Chambers Wharf site on Tuesday 5th April.

This milestone now means that the only tunnelling work remaining on the £4.2bn Thames Tideway project is the final section of TBM Selina’s drive toward Abbey Mills Pumping Station.

Tunnel manager Robert Margariti-Smith said: “This is a fantastic moment for the Tideway team as TBM Annie arrives safely at her destination. The team at Greenwich, where the journey began, and at Chambers Wharf, where it’s now finished, have done a superb job in getting us to this point.”

The focus for the tunnelling team will now switch to the removal of the TBM from the shaft at Chambers Wharf as well as the secondary concrete lining of the 4.5km tunnel.

TBM Annie began her journey at the end of 2020, passing Tideway’s sites at Deptford Church Street and Earl Pumping Station along the drive.

At 6.4 metres wide Annie is slimmer than the TBMs used to create the main tunnel. She is named after Annie Scott Dill Russell, the first female scientist to work at the Greenwich Observatory,

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